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RIAB Center workshop on “Palace-Clan Relations in the Ancient Near East” (Nov. 12-3, 2018)

An excellent workshop of the RIAB Center on Palace/Clan Relations in the ANE was held at the University of Leipzig on Nov. 12-13, 2018 (for details, see here). The workshop, organized by Dr. Omer Sergi of Tel Aviv University (a RIAB center member), dealt with palace/clan relations in ancient Israel, Judah and the ancient Near East, with lectures dealing with archaeology, history, Biblical studies and ancient near eastern texts, by scholars from various universities and research institutions in Israel and Germany. In addition to the presenters themselves, a nice group of researchers and students from various German institutions participated in the two day event, which, in addition to the lectures included some fascinating and enlightening discussions.

Download • 460KB

Here are pictures from the two day colloquium:


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