New study on the definition of the “Ashdodite” language in Nehemia 13:23-24, by Prof. An

A new study by Prof. Angelika Berlejung, co-director of the RIAB center has appeared. In this study, the “Ashdodite” language mentioned in Nehemia 13:23-24 is discussed and identified. Inter alia, the possible connection to the Aramaic language is discussed.

Here is an English abstract of the article:

The article discusses the term „Ashdodite“ in Neh 13:23-24 as well as the reference to „Ashdod“ in Zech 9:6 (incl. LXX). It is argued that the authors did not have a specific language (Aramaic, Philistine, Canaanite, Phoenician, Greek, local dialects), or the city of Ashdod in their mind, but used „Ashdod“ and „Ashdodite“ as a chiffre for the co-existence and mixture of all possible languages and of all the people of different origins. „Ashdod“ and „Ashdodite“ are from a Yehud-centered perspective the construct of „the other“, and of the diversity of the multi-ethnic and multi-lingual (western) Mediterranean World.

The full title of the article is:

Berlejung, A. 2016. Was ist eigentlich “Aschdodisch”? Überlegungen zu Neh 13,23f. und Sach 9,6. Pp. 13–25 in Nächstenliebe und Gottesfurcht Beiträge aus alttestamentlicher, semitistischer und altorientalistischer Wissenschaft für Hans-Peter Mathys zum 65. Geburtstag, eds. H. Jenni and M. Saur. Alter Orient und Altes Testament 439. Munster: Ugarit-verlag.

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