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New RIAB Series Volume: Tel En Gev report by D. Sugimoto

We are happy to inform that a new volume in the RIAB Series has appeared:

David T. Sugimoto (ed.). 2022. Tel 'En Gev: Report of the Keio Archaeological Mission, 2009–2011. Research on Israel and Aram in Biblical Times V. Mohr Siebeck: Tubingen (do note that it should be volume VI in the series and not V)

Here is a description and the table of contents:

This book is the final report of the archaeological excavation conducted by a team from Keio University, Japan, from 2009 to 2011 at Tel 'En Gev, Israel. Tel 'En Gev is located on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee and is a key site in understanding the Aram-Israel relationship during the Iron Age. The aim of the Keio Mission was to establish a coherent stratigraphic sequence of the site with the findings from two previous missions and to clarify the history of the region. The Keio Mission uncovered four separate strata. Stratum KIV, the lowest, is dated to Iron Age IB and likely belonged to the Aramean kingdom of Geshur. In Stratum KIII, late Iron Age IIA, a large tripartite building was uncovered that was probably a part of the expansion of Aram Damascus. The city was weakened during Stratum KII, Iron Age IIB. The occupation, Stratum KI, lasted until the Hellenistic period, although it was no longer a major city.


Chapter I. Introduction

David T. Sugimoto: Tel ʿEn Gev and the Keio Mission − Nobuya Watanabe: Recording Methods at Tel ʿEn Gev − NobuyaWatanabe: Geographic Background of Tel ʿEn Gev − Mayumi Okada: Public Archaeology Programs During the Keio Mission

Chapter II. Stratigraphy and Architecture at Tel ʿEn Gev

David T. Sugimoto: Stratigraphy and Architecture at Tel ʿEn Gev − David T. Sugimoto, Ido Wachtel, Hiroo Kansha: Stratigraphy and Architecture in Area H − Hiroo Kansha: Stratigraphy and Architecture in Area G

Chapter III. Pottery from Tel ʿEn Gev

David T. Sugimoto: Pottery from Tel ʿEn Gev − David T. Sugimoto: Typology of the Iron Age Pottery − David Ben-Shlomo: Petrographic Analysis of the Iron Age Pottery from ʿEn Gev − Kumi Makino: Typology of the Persian and Hellenistic Period Pottery − David T. Sugimoto: Stamped Amphora Handles

Chapter IV. Small Finds from Tel ʿEn Gev

David Eitam: Stone Tools − Manuel Cimadevilla: Clay Objects − Ido Wachtel: Metal Objects − Manami Sano: Glass Objects − David T. Sugimoto: Glyptics and Cultic Object − Roni Zuckerman-Cooper: Faunal Remains

Chapter V. Conclusions

David T. Sugimoto: Excavations at Tel ʿEn Gev and History of the Site


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