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Dr. Leeor Gottlieb awarded ISF grant on the Aramaic Targums of the Pentateuch

Dr. Leeor Gottlieb (BIU), who is a member of the RIAB Center, has informed me that he has been awarded a 4 year grant from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

The title of the research project for which he received the grant is:

“The Equivalent Project: The Targums to the Pentateuch”

Project Summary: The Equivalent Project strives to identify and link the contents of ancient biblical translations back to their equivalents in the Hebrew Bible. The current research proposal focuses on the Aramaic Targums of the Pentateuch, with the intention of completing the Targums of the Prophets and Writings, and then other ancient translations, in later phases of research. The goal of the long-term project is to ultimately create a comprehensive thesaurus of equivalents of the ancient translations of the Bible, which will greatly enrich the scientific community and students of the Bible and its transmission.


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