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Cult and Interaction in the EB and IB - recordings of lectures

On Thursday, April 22, 2021, the RIAB Minerva Center in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University, conducted an online workshop "Cult and Interaction in the Early Bronze and Intermediate Bronze Age," which was organized by Kristina Reed and Shira Albaz.

The full schedule and abstracts of the lecture can be seen here:

EB IB Cult Conference Abstract Book
Download PDF • 2.53MB

Links to the recordings of the lectures given during the meeting (save for the lectures by K. Covello-Paran and I. Paz) can be found below:

* Matthew Adams - Megiddo Cultic Structures and Material Culture in the EB II/III

* Uzi Avner – Early Bronze Desert Cult Sites

* Helena Roth – A Secular Way of Life? Cultic Practice in the Judean Highlands during the Intermediate Bronze Age

* Matthew Susnow & Assaf Yasur-Landau - Cultic (dis-)continuities in the EBA, IBA and MBA: Temples and Maṣṣebot

* Nathan Ben Ari – Burial Practices During the EB IB: A Reflection of Ancient Society or False Perception?

* David Ilan – Early Bronze II and III Mortuary Practices

* Kristina S. Reed – New Perspectives on an Ancient Phenomenon: The Dolmens of the Southern Levant

* Ron Lev, Yehuda Govrin, Patricia Smith, Zach Horowitz, & Elisabetta Boaretto - First Absolute Dating of Intermediate Bronze Burials: Timing the Change in the Burial Customs and Insight into the Social Behavior

* Karen Covello-Paran – Funerary Ritual and Commemoration during the Intermediate Bronze Age in Northern Israel

* Ianir Milevski & Liora Horwitz - Donkey Figurines and the “Cult of Exchange” in the Early Bronze Age

* Haskel Greenfield, Jon Ross, Tina L. Greenfield, Sarah Richardson – Household Rituals in the Early Bronze Age


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