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RIAB Minerva Center Student Workshops at the University of Leipzig (Jan, 2019)

On 15-16 and 22-23/1/2019, a series of student workshops, dealing with different topics of the archaeology, iconography and history of Ancient Israel, were conducted by Dr. Omer Sergi and Dr. Ido Koch (both of Tel Aviv University) at the University of Leipzig. The workshops were conducted as part of the regular activities of the RIAB Minerva Center.

They following topics were dealt with in the workshops:

  1. “The archaeology of a clan and the archaeology of palace-clan relations”

  2. “Archives and Libraries in Ancient Israel: a Look to the Scribal Culture of Israel and Judah”

  3. “The Iconography of Kings”

  4. “The Relationship between Images and Texts in Kuntillet Ajrud”

  5. “Assyrian Deportations”

In addition to their presentations, Drs. Sergi and Koch had meetings and consultations with Leipzig Phd students.


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