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Preliminary Details on the 2nd Minerva Center Workshop – The Origins of the Targums

The second Researchers/Advanced Students workshop of the Minerva Center will be held on Tuesday, January 19th, at Bar-Ilan University, and will be coordinated by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb.

In the workshop (note – to be held in Hebrew, save for the lecture by Prof. Flesher), entitled “The Dating and Origins of the Targums” (or in Hebrew: זמנם ומוצאם של התרגומים הארמיים למקרא), the presenters will first study certain Targum passages with the audience, and then discuss how these passages may reveal the date and/or location of their composition.

So far, the confirmed presenters are:

  1. Prof. Abraham Tal (Israel Prize Laureate; Prof. Emer. of TA University)

  2. Prof. Paul V. M. Flesher (University of Wyoming; editor in chief of SAIS series, Brill)

  3. Dr. Noam Mizrahi (Tel Aviv University)

  4. Dr. Leeor Gottlieb (Bar-Ilan University)

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact Dr. Leeor Gottlieb.

Should be very interesting – we hope to see you there!


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