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4th workshop of the RIAB Center – Field workshop to archaeological sites in NE Israel

The 4th workshop of the RIAB Center will take place this week, on Wednesday-Friday (May 4th-6th, 2016).

The workshop will be a “roving” field workshop in which the participants will visit various sites in northeastern Israel that are relevant for discussions on the interactions between the Israelites and Arameans during the Iron Age.

The sites include:

Tel Hadar, Tel Ein Giv, Bethsaida, Tel Kinrot, Hazor, Dan, Abel Beth Maacha, and Rehov.

During this two and half day field trip, we will visit the various sites, hear explanations on the sites from excavators, researchers and center members, and develop discussions on various related topics.

The participants, among them of Israeli, German, French and American origins, including established scholars and advanced students, should all contribute to a very fruitful and interesting workshop.



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