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Tilmann Gaitzsch

Leipzig University
Tilmann Gaitzsch

Tilmann Gaitzsch is a PhD Student at the University of Leipzig. From 2014 till 2020 he studied Theology at the Universities of Leipzig, Thessaloniki and Zurich. During his undergraduate and graduate years, he gave tuitions in ancient Hebrew and Greek, and worked for the Minerva Center Members Prof. Angelika Berlejung and Prof. Takayoshi Oshima. He was involved in planning the conference and the publication on “Teaching Morality in Antiquity” and in Prof. Berlejung’s project on “Textual Amulets Between Scribal Magic and Materiality”. He is now working on his PhD thesis on the role of epidemics in the Hebrew Bible, especially in 2Sam 24//1Chr 21, and in ancient near eastern societies. His main area of interest is the connections between ancient Israel and the Mediterranean realms and cultures and their respective literatures.

Selected Publications:

In Press. Tarshish – a Golden West turning East: The conceptual history of an iridescent term, in: Jerusalem and the West: Perspectives from Archaeology, Biblical Studies and History, ed. F. Hagemeyer. Research on Israel and Aram in Biblical Times (RIAB). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.

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