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Stefan Kämpf

Leipzig University
Stefan Kämpf

Stefan Kämpf began studying Protestant Theology in Leipzig and also took his First Theological Exam in 2018 there. During his studies he also attended seminars in Halle and Jena as a guest student. After my undergraduate studies, he spent a year in Jerusalem as a participant of the 42nd “Theologisches Studienjahr”. The ecumenical study program had a strong archaeological focus and contributed to his decision to pursue a PhD in Old Testament and Biblical Archaeology. From 2018 to 2021, he worked as a student assistant for the student initiative "Theokreis Leipzig", where his main areas of responsibility were pastoral care of students, practical study assistance and organizing theological small groups and reading courses.
Since 1 Oct 2020, he is a PhD student at the Chair of History and History of Religion of Israel and its Environment at the University of Leipzig with Prof. Dr. Angelika Berlejung. He is doing research on the topic: "The Emergence of Kingship in Israel in the Iron Age I. A Historical, Archaeological, Sociological and Theological Analysis," which will combine a thorough historical-literary analysis of the biblical text on the story of Saul with a suitable sociological framework and all archaeological data.

Selected Publications:
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