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Kristina Reed

Bar-Ilan University
Kristina Reed

Kristina S. Reed is a PhD student from the west coast of the United States, having lived in California and Hawaii before moving to Israel. Her Archaeology MA focused on Early Bronze Age I burial traditions of Transjordan and her PhD focuses on the function and chronology of dolmens in the Early and Intermediate Bronze Ages of the Southern Levant. Kristina’s PhD advisors are Aren M. Maeir (Bar-Ilan University) and Gonen Sharon (Tel Hai College).
Having training in artifact conservation, Kristina works in the Tell es-Safi/Gath lab restoring vessels. She worked for several years as a collections curator and currently curates the artifacts displayed in the archaeology department. Kristina has excavated in Jordan at Tall al-`Umayri and Khirbet Balua, and in Israel at Tell Arad, Abel Beth Maacah, Tel Shalem, Jordan River Dureijat, and Tell es-Safi/Gath, as well as participating in numerous surveys in both regions. She also works closely with the Israel Antiquities Authority Northern Office in surveying, excavating, and preserving dolmens throughout the Golan, Hula Valley, and Galilee regions. She can be reached at:

Academic interests: dolmens and dolmen fields; Early and Intermediate Bronze Ages burial traditions; ceramic typology and analysis; Pottery Neolithic through Late Bronze Age of the Southern Levant; trade and material culture; early connections between the Levant and Egypt; Optically Stimulated Luminescence, Geographic Information System mapping, Radiocarbon Dating, and Ancient DNA; artifact and pottery plate drawing; museum curation and exhibit design, collection management; post-excavation site preservation and management.

Selected Publications:

Berger, U., A. Kleiner, K. Reed, G. Sharon. “Kibbutz Shamir Dolmens Survey”, The Archaeological Survey of Israel.

Berger, U., A. Kleiner, K. Reed, G. Sharon. “Tuba-Zangariyee Dolmens Survey”, The Archaeological Survey of Israel.

Kleiner, A., U. Berger, and K. Reed. “Excavation of Three Dolmens at Keshet”, `Atiqot.

Anderson, C., L. Greer, L. Geraty, K. Reed, et al. “On the Molecular and Physical Anthropology and Archaeology of Human Remains from an Early Bronze Age Site and an Early Iron Age Site in Jordan”.

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