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Dr. Yifat Thareani

Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology
Dr. Yifat Thareani

Yifat Thareani is currently a research archaeologist at the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, Jerusalem, campus of the Hebrew Union College and the academic director of the Caesarea Maritima Project at NYU Tel Aviv.
Dr. Thareani was born in Tel-Aviv in 1974. She is a graduate post-doc at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE), Paris, at the Orient et Méditerranée, Laboratoire Mondes Sémitiques, Center National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) (research topic: Between Israel, Aram and Assyria: Tel Dan at the Iron Age II, supervisor Prof. Maria-GraziaMasetti-Rouault) and a graduate post-doc of the Leon-Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa (research topic: The Empire and the Sea: The Case of the Assyrians and the Mediterranean, supervisor Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau). She completed her BA, MA and PhD in Archaeology at Tel-Aviv University (dissertation title: Towns in the Desert: Geographical, Economic and Sociopolitical Perspectives written under the direction of Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Na'aman). Thareani has supervised excavation fields at Beth-Shemesh and, co-directed the excavations at Achziv and currently co-directs the archaeological excavation at Tel Dan on behalf of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem.

Selected Publications:

Changing Allegiances in Disputed   Borderlands: Dan's Political Status on the Eve of the Aramaean Invasion. Palestine   Exploration Quarterly 151: 184-201

From Expelled Refugee to Imperial Envoy: Assyria’s Deportation Policy in Light of the   Archaeological Evidence from Tel Dan. Journal of Anthropological   Archaeology 54: 218-234

Archaeology of an Imagined Community:   Tel Dan in the Iron Age IIa. In: Berlejung, A. and Maeir, A. (eds.). Researches on   Israel and Aram: Autonomy, Interdependence and Related Issues. Proceedings of   the First Annual RIAB Center Conference, Leipzig, June 2016. Researches on   Israel and Aram in Biblical Times 1, Tübingen: 263-276

The Archaeological Character of an   Imperial Frontier:

Assyrian Control Policy in the Hula   Valley. In: Masetti-Rouault, M.G. and Rouault, O. (eds.). Archaeology and   History of Empires: Models, Projects and Works in Progress in Northern   Mesopotamia. New programs in Iraqi Kurdistan. (Etudes   Mésopotamiennes – Mesopotamian Studies). Paris: 304-329

Revenge of the Conquered: Paths of   Resistance in the Assyrian City of Dan. Semitica 60: 473-492

Empires and Allies: A longue durée  View from the Negev Desert Frontier. In: Lipschits, O., Gadot, Y. and Adams,   M.J. (eds.). Rethinking Israel: Studies in the History and Archaeology of   Ancient Israel in Honor of Israel Finkelstein. Winona Lake: 409-428

Imperializing the Province: A Residence   of a Neo-Assyrian City Governor at Tel Dan. Levant 48: 254-283

The Empire and the ʽUpper Seaʼ: Assyrian   Control Strategies along the Southern Levantine Coast. Bulletin of the   American School of Oriental Research 375: 77-102

Enemy at the Gates? The Archaeological   Visibility of the Aramaeans at Dan. In: Sergi, O., Oeming, M. and de Hulster,   I.J. (eds.). In Search for Aram and Israel. Politics, Culture and Identity.   Oriental Religions in Antiquity 20. Tübingen: 169-198

“The Self-Destruction of Diversity”: A   Tale of the Last Days in Judah’s Negev Towns. Antiguo Oriente 12:   185-224

Tel   ‘Aroer: An Iron Age II Caravan Town and a Hellenistic and Early Roman   Settlement in the Negev. Avraham Biran (1975-1982) and Rudolph Cohen   (1975-1976) Excavations. (Annual of the Nelson   Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology No. VIII). Jerusalem

The Spirit of Clay: ʽEdomite Potteryʼ   and Social Awareness in the Late Iron Age. Bulletin of the American School   of Oriental Research 359: 35-55

In the Service of the Empire: Local   Elites and “Pax-Assyriaca” in the Negev. Eretz-Israel 29:   184-191 (Hebrew, English Summary)

Ancient Caravanserai: An Archaeological   View from ‘Aroer. Levant 39: 123-141

(with N. Na’aman). Dating the Appearance   of Imitations of Assyrian Ware in Southern Palestine. Tel Aviv 33: 61-82

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