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Dr. Sabine Kleiman

University of Tübingen
Dr. Sabine Kleiman

Dr. Kleiman is currently writing her habilitation at the University of Tübingen under the guidance of Prof. Jakob Wöhrle at the Department of Old Testament Studies. Her project deals with the biblical account of David’s ascension to the throne in the Books of Samuel and its Literar- and Traditionsgeschichte. She submitted her PhD dissertation in archaeology in 2020 at Tel Aviv University, supervised by Prof. Oded Lipschits, Prof. Yuval Gadot, and Dr. Anat Cohen-Weinberger. Dr. Kleiman holds a diploma in theology from Heidelberg University (2012) and a MA in archaeology from Tel Aviv University (2015). She is a senior member of the Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition and also involved in several other excavation and publication projects (e.g. Ramat Beth Shemesh, Timna and Jaffa).

Selected Publications:

Selected Publications:

Kleiman, S., Gadot, Y., Lipschits, O., 2016. A Snapshot of the Destruction Layer of Tell Zakarīye /Azekah. Seen against the Backdrop of the Final Days of the Late Bronze Age. ZDPV 132/2: 105-133.

Kleiman, S., Kleiman, A. and Ben-Yosef, E., 2017. Metalworkers’ Material Culture in the Early Iron Age Levant: The Ceramic Assemblage from Site 34 (“Slaves’ Hill”) in the Timna Valley, Israel. Tel Aviv 44/2: 232-264.

Webster, L. C., Sergi, O., Kleiman, S., Lipschits, O., Hua, Q., Jacobsen, G. E., Tristant, Y. and Gadot, Y. 2017. Preliminary Radiocarbon Results for Late Bronze Age Strata at Tel Azekah and their Implications. Radiocarbon 2017: 1-23.

Koch, I., Kleiman, S., Gadot, Y., Lipschits, O., Oeming, M. 2017. Amulets in Context. A View from Late Bronze Age Tel Azekah. Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 16: 9-24.

Gadot, Y., Kleiman, S., Lipschits, O. 2018. A Tale of two Cities. Tel Azekah and Tel es-Safi/Gath during the Late Bronze Age. In: Shai, I. et al. (eds.) Tell it in Gath: Studies in the History and Archaeology of Israel. Essays in Honor of A. M. Maeir on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday (Ägypten und Altes Testament): 206-221.

Tal, S., Storchan, B., Kisilevitz, S. and Kleiman, S. 2018. Closing the Gap. New Light on the Rural Settlement in the Shephelah during the Transition between the Late Bronze and the Iron Age. New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region XII: *22-*42.

Kleiman, S., Koch, I., Linares, V., Sergi, O., Webster, L., Gadot, Y. and Lipschits, O.  2019. Late Bronze Age Azekah. An Almost Forgotten Story. In: Maeir, A., Shai, I. and McKinny, C. (eds.) The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan (Archaeology of the Biblical Worlds 2). Berlin: 37-61.

Kleiman, S. 2020. The Iron IIB Gate Shrine at Lachish. An Alternative Interpretation. Tel Aviv 47: 55-64.

Kleiman, S. and Cohen-Weinberger, A. 2020. The Provenance of Amarna Letters EA 294 and EA 296 and the Historical Implications for Canaanite Tel Batash. Israel Exploration Journal 70: 150–162.

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